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Important Used Car Buying Tips

by pps-DUEditor

A used car is a smart way to save money. But you have to do it right. Otherwise, it could end up being very expensive in the long run. We’ve compiled the best tips to help you buy a great used car.

Pick a Place

The best deals come from private parties, but the paperwork can be tedious. Dealerships will cost more, but they’ll make the buying process easy.

Financing First

Irrespective of where you buy your car, always get preapproved for a loan first. You’ll know your budget, be in a good negotiating position, and be able to get a great deal.

Rankings and Reviews

Compare all the cars you’re considering side-by-side. Check expert and owner reviews. You’ll learn a lot about the issues people face, and it could change your decision.

Vehicle History

Always check the vehicle history report before you check out the car in person. You’ll have a wealth of information about its title, accident, ownership, and maintenance history at your fingertips. You could then decide whether the car is worthy or not.

Title Status

Always ensure that the car has not been declared a total loss by an insurer due to salvage, flood, fire, or hail. You may also learn whether it’s a lemon. Your financer may not approve a loan for such a vehicle.

Ask a Friend

Ask a friend to accompany you. This is partly for your safety and partly to ensure that you don’t waste your money. Two brains and two sets of eyes examining a vehicle are better than one.

Examine Everything

Use all your senses when you check the car. See if the interiors and exteriors are in good condition. Check for weird smells and strange noises, especially during the test drive. See how the car feels. And listen to your gut.


Look down to check if the sides of the car are aligned and even. If not, then the car may have been in a crash. If so, inspect everything even more carefully to ensure that the structure of the vehicle isn’t compromised.


Check the car in bright daylight to ensure that its color is even on all panels. Ensure that the shine and finish aren’t blotchy.

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