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SUVs or Sedans: What Is the Best Car for You?

by pps-DUEditor

If you’ve ever thought about buying a new car, you’ve considered buying an SUV or a sedan. Even if you’re leaning towards one type more than the other, it helps to understand which one is actually better for you. And because figuring out all the details on your own may be tricky, we’ve put together some details that will help you understand which types work and which don’t.


SUVs have slowly been eating away at the sedan’s piece of the car sales pie for a long time now. More often than not, car manufactures decide to ensure that their SUVs stand out in a crowd. They’re packed with aggression and flashy bits. Sedans, on the other hand, tend to be a little conservative. This may be because manufacturers don’t want to fix a market that isn’t broken. If you enjoy a conservative approach, you may feel more comfortable in a sedan. But if you value individuality, an SUV may be more your style.


Today, a lot of crossover SUVs and sedans use the same engines. SUVs are set up for sportier rides with firm suspensions. You may notice this in the way the vehicle handles changes in road surfaces. Some SUVs are even off-road focused with AWD or 4WD and low-range gears. Sedans tend to focus more on comfort. Their suspensions are soft or at most balanced between sporty and soft. These cars are extremely easy to drive and are packed with a lot of features. They also offer excellent fuel efficiency.


SUVs are more practical for those that need to carry heavy loads. The hatchback rear-door, large trunk, and split/folding rear seats make SUVs excellent for outdoorsy people. Sedans have become more practical, too, with large trunks and folding rear seats. But they can’t match the cargo capacity of SUVs. However, sedans have a lockable trunk that ensures privacy.


Used SUVs tend to work on a niche market. There’s the impression that they’re driven hard, and that affects resale value. Sedans tend to be better in terms of resale and popularity. SUVs are more popular today, but the used car market loves sedans for the great value they offer.

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