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How to Keep Your New Phone Safe

by pps-DUEditor

Modern advancements to mobile devices have seen the risk of security issues rise considerably. There’s more at stake than just losing contacts or text messages if your phone gets stolen or lost. Here are some basic tips on keeping your phone data safe.

Use a PIN or Key Lock Code

There are many ways to protect your smartphone. Many new phones offer a pattern lock, which is a faster option than entering a password. Alternatively, a PIN code offers a numeric option to a standard password. Avoid passwords like ‘1234’ or other easy-to-guess phrases.

While a screen lock is useful, it won’t stop someone from removing your SIM card and using it on another phone. Prevent this by setting up a SIM card lock in the form of a PIN number.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Protecting sensitive data that is saved to internal storage is important, and there are a number of solutions available. Most smartphone platforms offer encryption software for files or folders on a device with industry-standard protection. A code must be entered before any file can be viewed or copied.


Always switch off any wireless connection when not in use. This ensures that malicious parties can’t connect to any device without your knowledge.


To prevent hackers from accessing your phone for data, set your default Bluetooth configurations to ‘non-discoverable’ mode by default. This ensures that users around you who are searching for any potential targets won’t see your device show up on their list.


It’s important to exercise caution with applications such as popular web browsers, as it’s very easy to simply accept pop-up qualification messages when you’re online. Saving user details and passwords when logging into websites may be convenient, but it makes it very easy for those accessing a phone to do the same. This is particularly important in the case of online banks and merchants, as these websites often save bank account details automatically under your username, making it easy for others to make unwanted purchases or transactions.

Security Software

Security software can help you avoid potential dangers associated with smartphones. Modern suites are made to address issues unique to handhelds. While offering more standard malware, spam and firewall protection, these softwares can help you control your phone from afar and can show you the location of a device if it is lost or stolen.

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