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Top Interior Design Trends You Should Check Out

by pps-DUEditor

Every year, professional interior designers predict design trends that are likely to make it big. Even if a specific trend isn’t for you (a neutral, minimalist aesthetic isn’t up everyone’s alley, right?), it’s always fun to look up new decor elements, color palettes, and furniture choices. That’s why we’ve put together this list of standout trends from this year. Whether you are looking to refresh your kitchen or just enjoy thinking about redoing your home, these insights will help.


More and more interior designers are introducing patterns in their projects. The best part is that homeowners seem to be really embracing this trend. If you’re considering adding patterns to your wall or flooring, it’s best not to go overboard. Don’t make the mistake of overmixing bold, large prints or overusing prints on all surfaces. Instead, pick a timeless pattern, like a chevron or a herringbone, and mix it with a wood or brick floor for an interesting aesthetic that won’t look chaotic.


Textures can be utilized far beyond rugs and furniture alone. Groove boards on the ceiling, patterned curtains, and even the right kind of lighting can provide texture and warmth to a room.

Natural Elements

An emphasis on neutral color palettes and natural elements will continue this year. Browns, warm beiges, greens, and blues will lend a calming presence in your house and are easy on the eyes. Furniture made with blonde wood, in particular, will help keep your rooms looking airy and light.

Biophilic Design

After years of being shut inside, people are increasingly focusing on regaining their connection to the world with the use of biophilic design elements. This includes creating a calming environment that lets in tons of ventilation and natural lighting and incorporating plants in order to create a visual connection with nature.

Traditional Details

This year, we’re seeing traditional details making a huge comeback. From skirted or flanged furniture to pattern mixing to the incorporation of unique antiques, this year is all about creating a comfortable space and honoring our roots.

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