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Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

by pps-DUEditor

These days, more and more people are discovering the joys of gardening. But it’s not as easy as chucking some soil around and planting a few saplings. If you want your garden and your plants to thrive, here are a few tips to follow.

Choose the Right Location

Ideally, you want to pick a place that receives plenty of sunlight. Most vegetables need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight per day. Some crops, such as spinach and lettuce, also grow well in partially sunny spots, but sun-loving plants like peppers and tomatoes require as much light as possible.

Keep It Close to Your Home

A location close to your house will make it a lot easier for you to tend to your plot on a regular basis. It will also make it convenient for you to run out and harvest any vegetables or fruits that you may need for a meal.

Water Must Be Easily Accessible

Nothing tires out a new gardener faster than lugging water to thirsty plants once or twice a day (and, perhaps, more often during a heat wave). Consider purchasing a high-quality hose with a sprayer attachment or, better yet, a drip irrigation system, so your plants remain hydrated all through the day.

A Successful Garden Begins with Good Soil

The soil provides nutrients and drainage to plants, so it’s vital that you procure good soil before you begin gardening. Start with sandy loam that is well-drained, and add as much organic matter as you can to grow your best garden.

Choose Between Plants and Seeds

Most garden vegetables, including lettuce, carrots, beans, beets, chard, peas, spinach, cucumbers, and squash, can be seeded directly in the area they are to grow. Plants that take longer to produce edible fruit, like tomato, pepper, melons, and eggplant, benefit from an early start. In this case, you may want to consider transplants. Make sure to check the planting dates that are based on the first and last frost dates before you plant any seeds or saplings in your garden.

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