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Best Oven Ranges For Your Baking Needs

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An oven range can modernize and update your kitchen. But more importantly, it can effectively serve your cooking and baking needs. The models on our best oven ranges list are diverse, from electric to gas to smart ovens with automation features. They also differ in shape, size, and style. Here are our top recommendations for the best oven ranges.

Best Overall: GE Freestanding Electric Double Oven Convection Range

The GE Freestanding Electric Double Oven Convection Range is exceptionally versatile. The capacity of this model is 6.6 cubic feet, with 2.2 cubic feet in the upper cavity and 4.4 in the lower.

The lower oven uses convection for faster and even cooking. There are five cooking elements on the top of the range, including an on/off switch that heats food at a steady low temperature to keep it warm.

Best Gas Oven Range: Whirlpool Gas Range with Fan Convection Cooking

The Whirlpool gas convection oven has a 5 cubic-foot capacity, which is small but sufficient for holiday cooking. The control panel on the front is also easy to use.

Since the top of the range is entirely a cooktop, you can use almost any size pan on it, from tiny saucepans to large griddles. There’s also a speed-heat burner and a low-heat setting to keep your food warm.

Best Electric Oven Range: LG Electric Oven Range with True Convection and Easy Clean

The 6.3-cubic-foot cavity of the LG Electric Oven is lined with blue enamel and cooks with true convection, allowing for more precise food cooking.

The three-in-one element on the cooktop allows you to adjust the power on the same heating element, allowing you to cook a pot full of ingredients or simmer a small saucepan in the same spot. It has a large capacity interior and draws 3,200 watts of power, making it ideal for cooking large meals.

Best Convection Oven Range: Frigidaire Professional Front Control Electric Range

The Frigidaire oven is effective and reliable and uses true convection to circulate hot air evenly. A third heating element and an effective convection fan enable the oven to heat up quickly. Your food will be cooked in a true convective fashion, ensuring excellent flavor while cooking it uniformly.

You can also use the oven to air fry. It allows you to deep fry your favorite foods without the grease and oil that a traditional deep fryer requires.

Best Smart Oven Range: GE Profile Slide-In Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven and Air Fry

The GE Profile smart oven has an edge-to-edge cooktop with features like an oval burner and a reversible griddle, allowing you to cook almost anything on them. This model has convection and even an air-fry function. Furthermore, if the oven becomes dirty, it self-cleans using steam.

Because this is a smart oven, you can also wirelessly control the functions of the range. You can adjust cooking times, preheat your oven, and more.

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